5 Reasons Why Recycled Poly Lumber Outdoor Furniture is a Smart Investment

Choosing the right outdoor furniture can be tricky, whether you’re shopping for your primary home or a lake house rental property. You want your outdoor space to look as beautiful as your indoor space, but most materials either don’t hold up well against the elements or require a lot of maintenance for protection.

Although poly lumber furniture made from recycled plastic has only gone mainstream fairly recently, manufacturers have been making this kind of furniture for more than 30 years. With more homeowners demanding sustainable options and refusing to comprise on beauty, comfort, and quality, poly lumber furniture makers have been forced to up their game.

This has resulted in innovative products that have made poly lumber an even better investment. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. Durability

Poly lumber outdoor furniture won’t crack, splinter, chip, peel, or rot like natural wood, plastic, or painted metal. The high density of poly lumber makes the furniture very heavy so it won’t bend or break with heavy use or blow over in high winds. It doesn’t attract rodents or bugs, and it doesn’t absorb moisture.

2) Appearance

The texture looks and feels like natural wood grain and you can choose from multiple colors without painting or staining. The color is consistent all the way through the product so little nicks are virtually invisible.

Breezesta furniture is available in 20 colors and uses advanced technology to maintain the color you choose, which is why each piece comes with a three-year fade warranty. You can even mix and match different colors!

3) Sustainability

Poly lumber furniture keeps plastic out of landfills and waterways and has minimal impact on our natural resources. In fact, Breezesta outdoor furniture is made from recycled milk jugs! The furniture itself can be recycled and reused to maximize sustainability.

4) Weather Resistance

Sun, wind, rain, hail, salt, and sand are no match for poly lumber furniture. You can leave your furniture outside all winter and summer instead of shrink wrapping or taking up valuable space in your garage or shed.

5) Maintenance

No stripping, staining, sanding, or waterproofing are required. Substances like chlorine, mildew, and oils that would be the death blow for other furniture materials won’t stain poly lumber and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. You can even power wash poly lumber furniture at the proper setting!

If you’re thinking of upgrading or replacing your outdoor furniture for your home or lake house rental, come to Clarksville Furniture & Flooring and check out our selection of Breezesta furniture. It’s stylish, comfortable, durable, and sustainable!

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  1. This blog post is a compelling read for anyone in the market for outdoor furniture. The five reasons outlined for why recycled poly lumber outdoor furniture is a smart investment are not only informative but also highlight the numerous benefits of choosing this eco-friendly option.

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