7 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Furniture

We love when people walk into our showroom and ask a lot of questions. It shows they’ve given a lot of thought to what they want to accomplish and see furniture as a valuable investment.

Of course, the sheer volume of furniture options can seem overwhelming. That’s normal. And that’s why we’re here.

When you go shopping for furniture, asking these seven questions will help you gather the information you need to make confident decisions.

1) How was the furniture made?

What type of frame does the sofa have?

Is the mattress made with memory foam, coils, or both?

What type of leather is this? Top grain, split hide, or bonded?

Solid or manufactured wood? If solid, the entire piece or just parts?

What type of cushioning material is used?

Who manufactured the furniture and where? Our top manufacturers are all U.S.-based, which means their furniture is typically made according to the highest quality standards and eco-friendly practices.

Know the story behind each piece of furniture you’re considering. This will give you a pretty good idea of the quality of the furniture and whether it’s worth the investment.

2) How will the furniture be used?

This is a question you should expect a store associate to ask you. Will the furniture be used in a primary residence? Do you have kids? Pets?

Will the furniture go in a second home? Will it be used at a lake house rental property?

This will help you make smart decisions about style, color, material, size, and construction.

3) What types of customization are available?

There’s a good chance that what you see on the showroom floor isn’t the only option available. Fabric, finish, color, configuration, size, and other furniture characteristics and features can often be changed to suit your specific needs.

It’s always best to know your customization options, and how much those options cost!

4) How is the furniture cleaned and maintained?

This is especially important if you have kids or pets, or the furniture will be in a rental property.

Can the sofa cushion covers be removed and machine washed? Will spot cleaning work? Are there products you can buy to protect your furniture from stains and damage?

Find out how easily furniture can be cleaned and repaired and whether maintenance is required. Certain materials are less of a hassle to keep clean and can take a beating without much risk of damage.

5) Do you offer any guarantees or warranties?

What types of guarantees or warranties are offered by the store and/or the manufacturer? What specifically do they cover? How long are they valid? What conditions apply? What would invalidate them?

A reputable furniture store will stand behind the furniture it sells, as will the manufacturer. Find out how far they’ll go to protect your purchase.

6) Will the furniture fit?

The last thing you want to do is purchase furniture that either fails to take full advantage of the space or completely takes over the room.

It’s a good idea to measure your living space and maybe even create a rough sketch before you visit a furniture showroom. An experienced furniture specialist will be able to tell you if a sofa, mattress, bedroom set, dining room table, etc. is the right size for your space.

7) Do you offer delivery?

Transport furniture in the back of your own truck at your own risk. Furniture delivery professionals are trained to protect furniture, safely load it onto a truck, and get it through your front door to its final destination. Make sure the furniture store offers delivery service!

Got questions? That’s why we’re here. Stop by our showroom and ask away!

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  1. I appreciate that you said that both the manufacturer and a respectable furniture retailer will offer warranties on the products they sell. To what far will they go to protect your purchase, find out. This will be useful to my grandma as she updates the appearance of her home. She wants to go furniture shopping this morning, so I’ll make sure to share this information with her so she can choose a reputable retailer.

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